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STEK Window Tint

AutoStar AutoSpa window tint offers world-class, high-performing carbon, ceramic, and sputter window films manufactured by STEK. Each STEK Window Tint utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide you with superb optical clarity, and comes with a lifetime warranty across every STEK window tint series.

With a wide range of series to choose from, STEK offers you the flexibility to get precisely the window tint you require. Whether you seek more privacy, skin care and interior protection, or the ultimate defense against the heat of the sun, AutoStar AutoSpa has got you covered. Buying tint for a new car? Our PPF or ceramic coating can be a great addition to your window tint.

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STEK Window Tint Series

Our Carbon Window Tint, ACTIONseries, is designed to never fade and offers protection from the sun while adding a stylish black color to your ride, without any satellite interference.
SMARTseries is a nano ceramic window film that is engineered to minimize solar energy and offer extra heat rejection as compared to a regular color stable tint, ensuring comfortable driving throughout the year.
NEXseries is our top-of-the-line window tint that provides premier heat rejection by blocking up to 98% of infrared light (IR). With a pleasant neutral color, it not only enhances your privacy but also offers ultimate protection against the sun.


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