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Refine, Protect & Maintain” your Vehicles Surfaces

By Chad Warner / July 13, 2020


Our vision is to safely “Refine, Protect & Maintain” your vehicles surfaces. Whether that’s your paintwork, interiors, wheels, glass or specialty surfaces like carbon fiber. As a CARPRO certified detail center, we are highly trained in the tools, chemicals and processes used to deliver the first-class finishes we & our clients hold expect.

“REFINE”. Refinement is the part of the process that we hold most dear, this is where all the magic happens. When you can take a vehicle that has either been neglected, improperly maintained or just otherwise in need of the attention it deserves and make it look like new or sometimes even better than new it is a truly enjoyable process. Whether we are removing heavy oxidation, scratches and or defects through wet sanding and compounding, followed by a high gloss polish this portion of the process is what we enjoy the most. As we work through your vehicle and the surfaces begin to go from damaged and dull to like new and glossy, it’s almost like breathing life back into a piece of rolling art. The Refining process is what made us fall in love with detailing.

“PROTECT”. Protecting your vehicle is a key component in locking in the look of your newly refined vehicle for years to come. As CQUARTZ Professional Ceramic Coating certified installers, we offer a few different protection options to choose from.  Whether that’s Waxes/Sealants, one of our three levels of Ceramic Coatings, partial/full PPF (Paint Protection Film) or a combination of these we will help you determine which level of protection will meet and, in some cases, exceed your expectations for your vehicle.

“MAINTAIN”.  Maintenance is a crucial component in keeping your vehicle looking its best. Even though it can be the simplest part of preserving a vehicle it is all too often the most forgotten or pushed off step. Bird bombs, bug splatter, tree sap, brake dust and other contaminants can begin to wreak havoc and damage throughout your vehicle in as little as 24 hours. Our mobile detailing services are designed to offer convenient maintenance services, at home or office we come to you. Weekly/Biweekly maintenance services are highly recommended, followed by annual Full Decontamination to keep your vehicle looking its absolute best.


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