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About AutoStar AutoSpa Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating

We were founded with a vision to deliver industry leading finishes through our proven paint correction process and to protect those finishes with the industries best products. We pair these first class finishes and protection with outstanding customer service experiences that are tailored to each individual clients needs.  We have always had a passion for cars, whether it was modifying, driving, racing or detailing they have always held a special place in our heart. The pursuit of safely and properly restoring vehicles to their fullest potential is what drives us. We love when a client sets our passion free allowing us to dive deep into bringing the most out of their vehicle. We serve clients who truly appreciate a professional job done to its highest level whether that’s a basic detail or full paint correction and paint protection.

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Our Story

I have been detailing on some level for 17 years. It all started in high school with my first modified vehicle. A 1995 Nissan 240sx with an SR20 swap and supporting mods which I swapped in my mom’s driveway. I remember her coming home from work one day and I had the stock motor ripped out and the SR20 was being lowered into the engine bay. Later that evening she came into my room to ask what was going on. I had these two wiring harnesses that I was cutting and splicing on the floor in my room (this was before people sold plug and play harnesses). She looked at me, looked at the harnesses, didn’t say another word and walked out.

Once I got that car running is when detailing really took off for me. A good friend was working at “The Drivers Seat” In Boynton Beach FL and he had access to all the latest products. “The Drivers Seat” worked in close connection to "Autogeek' which meant I had access to all of the tools and products I could want. That was when I really got hooked! Around that time the South Florida street race scene was on fire and we would always be sure to make it out to watch those. So naturally our cars had to be super clean. The passion for safely refining and protecting vehicles grew from there.

Other passions of mine include competitive volleyball indoor, beach and grass tournaments throughout the country. Im an avid snowboarder and get out to Colorado, California and Utah a few times a year. I married my wife in 2014 and we have two handsome boys, as well as our 13yr Weimaraner.


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