Get the long-lasting "Wet Look" you desire with CQuartz Professional - our advanced formula provides unmatched protection against tough elements and keeps your car clean for years.
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CQUARTZ Professional orlando- Unwavering protection for your vehicle's paint

CarPro is known for exceeding expectations with their ceramic coatings. They use advanced nanotechnology in their CQuartz and offer a complete range of maintenance products that are easy to use and highly innovative. Their coatings produce outstanding results, save time, and keep your car looking impressive.

CarPro is known for exceeding expectations in their ceramic coatings. Their CQuartz nanotechnology is advanced and they offer a full line of easy-to-use maintenance products. The results are impressive and save time, keeping your car looking amazing.

Using CQuartz Professional ceramic coating on your car will prevent dullness and oxidation, keep surfaces shiny and easier to clean, and make water spots and other environmental stains less of a problem. This product has excellent resistance to natural water stains, bird and bug droppings, and other fallouts. With proper maintenance, CQuartz Professional can last for 7 years while maintaining a glossy and clean appearance.

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CQUARTZ Professional Benefits

CQuartz Professional's low sliding angle enables an extreme lotus effect, allowing water drops to release easily and making it easier to keep your vehicle clean.
Extreme Gloss
It's essential to note that achieving the perfect depth and gloss requires proper correction. That's why we only license detailers who have undergone extensive training in these skills are approved to be CQPRO installers.
Bug Splatter & Bird Dropping Protection
Highly acidic bug splatters and bird droppings can begin the process of etching into your paint in a matter of hours. Thankfully with 3µm of CQ Professional between the bugs and your paint they can no longer cause permanent damage to your paint. 
Dirt & Dust Repellency and Self-Cleaning Effect For Easier Maintenance
Dirt, dust, and contaminants don't stick to the CQuartz Professional barrier, making them much easier to remove during the next wash without the need for scrubbing or clay. Thanks to its water and dirt shedding abilities, any dirt or dust that does attach to the coating is effortlessly removed.
Fine Swirl Resistance
CQuartz Professional has been proven to assist in resistance of fine swirls when properly maintained and cared for.
CQuartz Professional coatings are exclusively installed by CarPro Authorized Installers who have perfected their skills to ensure your paint is polished to the highest level before being protected with CQuartz Professional. These coatings cannot be purchased on the open market unlike others.

CQUartz professional Package & Process

  • 2-7 Years
  • Hand Wash
  • Iron X
  • Clay Bar/Polyshave
  • Towel/Blow Dry
  • Multi-Stage Compound
  • Final Polish with CarPro Essence
  • Seal Wheels/Wheel Wells
  • CarPro Eraser
  • Chemical/Steam Cleaning and Sanitization of Interior Panels
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Vaccum
  • CarPro PERL Tire Dressing
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What's The CQUARTZ Professional Process?
How Does The CQUARTZ Professional Service Work?
  • At AutoSpa AutoStar, we use only the finest professional products on your vehicle. Our process begins with a thorough alkaline wash, followed by an intensive 2-3 step decontamination process that eliminates all bonded contaminants from both above and beneath the surface of the paint.
  • Once the "decon" process is complete, we analyze the paint and test various combinations of high-tech pads and polishes to achieve the highest possible gloss. This may involve polishing the entire vehicle 2-3 times to attain the desired level of perfection.
  • After the paint is polished to perfection, we use CarPro Eraser to strip away all polishing oils from the vehicle. This step is crucial to ensure that CQuartz Professional bonds fully with the paint. Once the paint is 100% oil-free, we apply two thick layers of CQuartz Professional for ultimate protection.

A microscopic Look At Your Clear-coat

AutoStar AutoSpa CQPRO service will rectify 95% to 99% of all defects on your paint prior to installing your coating.

Frequently Asked Questions About CQPRO

How Does CQUARTZ Professional Work?

CQuartz Professional uses advanced nanotechnology to create a coating matrix on your car's paint. It contains silica atoms with numerous fluorocarbon molecular bonds that form a high-density 3D structure. This coating not only enhances the appearance of your car's paint but also safeguards it against damage. Once cured, it remains durable and retains a great shine for many years. It is recommended to have a professional CarPro installer apply this product.

What is CQuartz Professional?

CarPro's CQuartz Professional is a high gloss coating that is professionally applied and offers a long-lasting protection for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. This new formula from CarPro is infused with advanced fluorocarbon composite and SiO2, and uses modified nanoparticles to create an extremely reflective shine and deep, rich gloss that can last for years. CarPro has been a leader in nanotech car care for over a decade and this latest formula builds on their cutting edge innovations.

Why choose CQuartz Professional to protect my car?

CarPro's ceramic coatings have an excellent reputation for exceeding expectations. Their CQuartz technology is advanced and they also offer a range of maintenance products that are easy to use and innovative. The results are impressive and will save time while making your car look stunning.

Can I trust My CQPRO installer?

CarPro sets high standards for quality of work and integrity for every installer who applies to become a CQuartz Professional. While continuously advancing their coatings, they carefully review each application to select only a few thousand detailers in North America to be approved.

How Does It Compare To The Competition?

To summarize, CQuartz Professional is a ceramic coating that provides several benefits. It prevents paint from dulling or oxidizing, keeps surfaces cleaner and glossier, and makes clean-up easier. It is also effective against water spots, bird and bug stains, and other environmental fallout. With proper maintenance, it can last for years and maintain the car's shine and ease of cleaning.


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