Unrivaled Ceramic Paint Protection
Finest Reserve was created with no expense spared, utilizing an entirely new nanotechnology that is not available anywhere else in the world. The latest CQUARTZ Finest Reserve coating represent the next generation of paint protection, setting a new standard in the industry.
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CQUARTZ Finest Reserve Orlando - The Ultimate in Nano Coating Technology

Finest Reserve utilizes an entirely new technology built on a complex hybrid blend of quartz infused epoxy nanotech particles.  This Next-Gen technology utilizes an advanced hybrid nano structural composition, which bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials, creating an extremely high gloss, dense nano-coat.  This results in an extremely glossy, durable, thick coating of protection that lasts for many years, with advances in a variety of attributes and unlike anything that has come before it!

CQUARTZ Finest Reserve offers a one-of-a-kind experience that revolves around a revolutionary next-generation nanotechnology and the service of the most skilled and dedicated car care perfectionists worldwide. While the technology and results of Finest Reserve are truly cutting-edge, the principles that guide the CQUARTZ Finest program and its installers are reminiscent of a time when quality, responsibility, honesty, character, and hard work were the norm.

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CQUARTZ Finest Reserve Benefits

The advanced 3D Nano Structure provides exceptional water beading and sheeting properties, boasting a Contact Angle of 110° ~ 115°. Additionally, it is the only coating on the market that offers an impressive 10° sliding angle.
Extreme Gloss
Finest Reserve produces a distinctive richness and depth that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Its advanced protective properties preserve this lustrous, glossy finish and prevent oxidation and dulling for years to come.
Bug Splatter & Bird Dropping Protection
Finest Reserve provides unparalleled dirt and water shedding capabilities that surpass any other product available. Thanks to its self-cleaning effect, most dirt is easily rinsed off during the washing process, while the remaining residue is effortlessly removed with a light mitt.
Dirt & Dust Repellency and Self-Cleaning Effect For Easier Maintenance
Dirt, dust, and contaminants don't stick to the CQuartz Finest Reserve barrier, making them much easier to remove during the next wash without the need for scrubbing or clay. Thanks to its water and dirt shedding abilities, any dirt or dust that does attach to the coating is effortlessly removed.
Fine Swirl Resistance
CQUARTZ Finest Reserve has been proven to assist in resistance of fine swirls when properly maintained and cared for.
From the very beginning, the objective of the CQuartz Finest program has been to certify only the most skilled, trustworthy, and ethical professionals worldwide. Over the years, the program has evolved and raised the standards for its installers. We are proud be one of the less than 100 licensed installers in the US.

CQUARTZ Finest Reserve Package & Process

  • 2-7 Years
  • Hand Wash
  • Iron X
  • Clay Bar/Polyshave
  • Towel/Blow Dry
  • Multi-Stage Compound
  • Final Polish with CarPro Essence
  • Seal Wheels/Wheel Wells
  • CarPro Eraser
  • Chemical/Steam Cleaning and Sanitization of Interior Panels
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Vaccum
  • CarPro PERL Tire Dressing
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What's The CQUARTZ Finest Reserve Process?
How Does The CQUARTZ Finest Reserve Service Work?
  • When you choose Finest Reserve, only the best preparation for your vehicle's surface will be accepted. No expense will be spared in ensuring that the surface is properly prepared before the application of Finest Reserve. A mandatory minimum of two coats of Reserve will be applied, and heat cured at a consistent 140°F using IR cure lamps, for the ultimate automotive enhancement and protection.
  • Our installers also offer additional services such as coating the interior, glass, convertible top, plastic trim, brightwork, and wheel coating. Some of these items may be included in your Finest package or may be offered as separate services. Please ask your Finest installer for more details.
  • Our commitment to you does not end when you receive your vehicle back. One of the greatest advantages of Finest Reserve is our line of maintenance products that are specifically designed and manufactured in-house for use with our advanced nanotech coatings.
  • Your specialist is required to provide a thorough explanation and demonstration of how to care for your vehicle before your first wash. Additionally, they will provide you with an owner's manual and a complimentary set of wash products from CarPro to make caring for your vehicle easier.

A microscopic Look At Your Clear-coat

AutoStar AutoSpa CQFR service will rectify 95% to 99% of all defects on your paint prior to installing your coating.


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